clytemesntra image

“When we’ve killed all the animals

Men will be next.”

Oil has run out and the world fights for food. To save his people, Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter to his barbaric new allies. With the fury of a mother betrayed, Clytemnestra waits for his return.

Adultery, power and revenge drive this new telling of a Greek legend.

A major new production from Sherman Cymru, Clytemnestra combines the dramatic story-telling of the former National Poet of Wales, Gwyneth Lewis, with the bold direction of Amy Hodge (Measure for Measure).


Sherman Cymru present



Written by Gwyneth Lewis

Directed by Amy Hodge.

Designed by takis

Lighting Design by Lee Curran

Composer and Sound Design by Simon Thorne

Choreography by Johan Stjernholm

Jaye Griffiths starring as Clytemnestra (Silent Witness, Doctors, The Bill), Nick Moss (Birdsong) Rhian Blythe (winner of The Stage Best actress award for her performance in Sherman Cymru’s award winning production Deep Cut), Matthew Bulgo, (Dirty Protest Theatre) Kezrena James (Crash), Nia Gwynne (Casualty, Eastenders), Adam Redmore (The Bill), Jonah Russell (Stop The World) and Eiry Thomas (Belonging, Stella).



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