Boys Will Be Boys By Melissa Bubnic

Some say the City is still a man’s world. In Boys Will Be Boys the players are all women.

Astrid Wentworth is ruthless. If there is a special hell for women who don’t help each other, Astrid’s got the top table reserved and a martini waiting.

But, when the young and ambitious Priya applies for a junior position on the trading floor, Astrid recognises something in her and decides to give her a go. After all, what’s gender got to do with it?

“What do you say? When someone tells you you’ve sold your soul?”

“I say it’s mine to sell. And the devil knows how to dance.”

The Bush Theatre and Headlong take over the iconic Bush Hall for an exhilarating night out featuring cabaret music and performed by an all-female cast.



Written by Melissa Bubnic

Directed by Amy Hodge

Designed by Jo Scotcher

Lighting Design by Lee Curran

Sound Design by Emma Laxton
Composer James Fortune
Movement Director Sarah Dowling
Pianist Jennifer Whyte
Casting Lotte Hines
Fight Director Ruth Cooper-Brown of Rc-Annie Ltd
Cast: Kirsty Bushell, Ellora Torchia, Helen Schlesinger, Emily Barber, and Chipo Chung

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